Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The idea for our luminaire came from a light phenomenon. Our light phenomenon was supposed to be something that caught our eye, something that we had never seen before. My light phenomenon was a tree in Falls Park in Greenville, SC. The tree was on a side of a hill with all the roots exposed. The sun was barely coming through, protecting the roots from the sun. 

The main idea for my luminaire was being able to see the beauty of the light through trees, but still protect yourself. Initially, I tried to paper mache tissue paper, but the over all look of it did not come out the way I had planned.  

I moved to more of a litetral attempt of light coming through trees. I took wire, and cut out rectangles of wire and ran them through the wire with pieces of tissue paper in between them sheets. I experimented with white, ad other colors, and ultimately ended up with black. 

The final rendition of my luminaire was made out of bleck rectangles hot glued individually to a piece of wire. The wire was then out into a piece of foam board and created a dome. A box was made out of matte board to protect all the wire and light bulb socket. A 40W CRL bulb was used to illuminate my luminaire. 

Check Plus.

One of the most successful drawings I have done this semester was the pictorial views of our selected object. I was successful in this drawing because I played close attention to the line wights and measurements. I also had a good understanding of the pictorial views. One of the most importants ways to succeed in a drawing is understanding the assignment. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010


This drawing is by Sarah Harris. I like the way she uses small likes to create shadow. 

This drawing is by Shirley Bircher. The way she uses contrast to create the leaves is interesting.