Monday, March 28, 2011


BP10 | Headphones

Some thing that has an impact on daily like is head phones. 
They started off in the beginning really large. 
They became a fashion trend to some. 
To others they were seen a a nuisance. 
Some were thankful because they did not have to hear the racket of the boom box. 

They then began to grow smaller.
These were less fashionable. 
They were not design well.
They were even uncomfortable. 

Headphones then transitioned into earbuds.
These types began to give designers more freedom.
They became more functional and discreet.
Earbuds were also more comfortable, but most likely our generation will have horrible hearing due to these little guys.

Revolution of earphones. 

The old school head phones were then transitioned into a modern style. 
They are used today more as a fashion statement more than anything. 
You can even get ones with your own personal base in it

Just for fun :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


The White House
The white house demonstrates classical architecture. It also used the idea of the landscape to accentuate the building. The building itself conquers the the landscape horizontally. 


Monday, March 14, 2011


1. STONEHENGE | built fairly low. focuses on something greater than humans. circular. 
2. PARTHENON | built for the worship of athena. uses the landscape to its advantage.
3. BATHS OF DIOCLETIAN | start of the building higher up. made for the use of humans, no recognition of a higher divinity. 
4. ST. SERNIN | built up to show the authority that the church has over the city. shows more of the power of the church rather than the power of god. glorifying to themselves. 
5. CHATEAU DE CHAMBORD | horizontally and vertically focused. built completely centered around people. no respect to a higher divinity. 

they all relate to the beginning an each other because they all are focused on something, whether it be a higher divinity or humans. they are built to show the authority and power of whoever the building reflects. they also grow up structurally along the corse. they start off low and begin to grow vertically, as the ego's of people begin to grow as well. 

the nautilus shell represents how they all go around a circular motion. 
the circular motion shows how they all relate back to the beginning and each other.